We are sitting in the middle of a big mess. Clothes, electronic devices and paragliding gear are spread out all around us. In the last few weeks we sold a big part of our belongings, moved out of our appartement and completed heaps of paperwork. All this while still working on our jobs. We even found some time to test our brand new paragliding equipment.

These things around us, are everything we will carry with us during the next year.
In only six days we will embark on a one year long paragliding adventure around the world.
For a long time we dreamt of travelling the world. And as we both do paragliding it was obvious that we’ll take our paragliding gear with us. How nice it would be to see the wild beauty of the world from above, then land on a riverside, pitch our tent where we like, sleep and do it all over again in another place the next day. Travelling slowly and getting to know the people and the culture of each country we visit.
First stop is Buenos Aires, Argentina. From there we will move down further south. After that we go back up through the Andes and visit Chile, Bolivia and Peru. In summer 2015 we’ll be touring trough Europe and thereafter move on to Asia. There’s no fixed itinerary and no return date, but we plan to come back to Switzerland after 10 to 14 months.
Our goal is not to achieve new records in any discipile. We don’t want to fly the furthest or the highest. We are just two guys who want to fly in new places and marvel at the landscape with a bird’s eye view.
But we’re not there yet. First we need to pack all these things around us into our backpack systems.
We have 90 liters space available each. This may sound like much, but when you mind the volume of a normal paraglider there’s not much else you could pack. Fortunately the KEA and the GII 2 from Sky pack easily into a 50 liter drybag. That even includes essentials like a rescue, GoPro and a Skytraxx variometer.
That leaves 40 liters of space for all the other things we want to take with us.
Now the endless hours of playing TETRIS as kids are finally paying out. We only need four tries until everything is packed.
We are ready, let’s go fly.

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